Winstone: Woodland And Meadows Aplenty (2023)


Winstone is a small village in the Cotswolds, (designated as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in 1966) with glorious meadows, forests and countryside walks and is the perfect to relax.

We stayed in a modern cottage in Winstone for a few days and had wonderful views of a meadow and rolling hills beyond. Our accommodation had every modern appliance and WiFi and we used this as a base while we explored other villages and towns around the region.

Within walking distance is St Bartholomew’s, an Anglican Church, was built in the 11th century and is a Grade I listed building and accessible via Croft Lane. If coming by car, there is ample parking in front.

Winstone: A Village With Woodland And Meadows (2023)
Winstone: A Village With Woodland And Meadows (2023)

From here, there is a wonderful field and forest walk with access just after the cemetery at 51°46’57.1″N 2°03’06.2″W

Nearby is the Miserden Estate and free access is given for walkers even though the road is private and this, again, is a wonderful woody walk and once you reach the end, there is a traditional pub named The Carpenter’s Arms.

This pub serves gorgeous and traditional English food including, farmhouse pate, crispy whitebait, steak & ale pie, fish cakes, Miserden lamb fillet steak, nut roast with vegetables, quiche, and more.

There’s also a terrific Sunday beef, pork, chicken, leg of lamb or hazel nut roast. Tip: ask for Yorkshire pudding and you’ll get one!

Check opening times / reserve a table by calling: 01285 821283 or see their Facebook page and their daily special offers.

After filling yourself up, you can then go for a walk back to you accommodation at Winstone!

A nay-bour near Winstone, Cotswolds
A neigh-bour near Winstone, Cotswolds

There aren’t any shops in Winstone and it’s accessible by car (never saw any buses or bus stops) and the nearest town is Cheltenham half an hour away.

Winstone is a charming village with a rich history and plenty of walking opportunities and you don’t need to walk far before coming across some fantastic and breathtaking scenery.

Winstone straight ahead
Winstone straight ahead

If you are used to city living, it’s noticeable just how quiet this village is at any time of the day. We heard the odd sheep bleat and the rumble of cars and tractors but these were pleasant, countryside sounds.

Near Winstone, Cotswolds
Near Winstone, Cotswolds

Overall, this is a delightful village surrounded by stunning natural beauty and is perfect if you’re looking to experience the traditional charm of a British village and a quintessential Cotswolds getaway.

Heathrow Airport to Winstone takes 1 hour 40 minutes.

The Cotswolds is known for its friendly and welcoming residents, and this community spirit and willingness is what makes visiting the area so special. Plus the opportunity to explore the countryside and idyllic villages by bike, walking, and even hot air balloon and coming across quaint pubs and restaurants makes this a holiday to remember.

The abundance of public and private gardens, houses, castles, chapels and churches, museums and other attractions in the Cotswolds provide amazing opportunities for exploration and a chance to relax, unwind and experience the very best of Britain.

If you liked reading about Winstone, you may find Avening, Compton Abdale, Turkdean, Upper Slaughter, and Willersey, interesting or go to for information on other towns and villages in the Cotswolds.

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