The Rustic Charm of Barndos in the Cotswolds (2023)

barndos in the cotswolds
Barndos in the Cotswolds deliver on rustic charm, spacious accommodation and rural views

The Cotswolds is a place that captures the heart and imagination with its rich history, stunning architecture, and breathtaking scenery.

Every year, millions of tourists stay in a plethora of holiday rentals that cater to all group sizes and budgets. From charming campsites and picturesque thatched cottages to cozy bed & breakfasts and luxurious townhouses, these accommodations offer a wide range of options for an unforgettable and delightful stay.

Recently, a new rental trend has emerged in this Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty – barndos.

A barndo is an old barn converted into a stylish and luxurious vacation rental attractive to tourists and luxury travelers wanting a different or more practical accommodation experience.

In this post, we will explore barndos in the Cotswolds, highlight some of the best to stay in the area, provide some power tips, and give some suggestions on what to do during your stay.

Where is the Cotswolds?

The Cotswolds is one of the most stunning and picturesque regions in England and is just over an hour’s drive from Heathrow Airport.

Here you’ll discover a hidden gem covering 800 square miles of stunning landscapes, picturesque villages, ancient churches, countryside walks, stately homes and gardens, castles, and a chance to discover the rich cultural heritage of England.

The region is known for its local produce and there are plenty of places to enjoy delicious food and drink and experience afternoon tea (an English institution), a traditional pub lunch, or go gourmet.

The Cotswolds is a place you’ll never forget once you visit and is ideal for solo travelers, couples, families and friends.

Which leads us nicely to accommodation and the surging popularity of barndos in the Cotswolds.

Barndos In The Cotswolds

Staying in a barndo is a unique experience that offers many benefits.

First, barndos are full of rustic charm and character with their original beams and stonework left intact to add to the ambiance, giving you a genuine sense of the English countryside.

They are spacious and offer plenty of room to spread out, making them especially beneficial for families or groups traveling together. All are self-catering, giving you the opportunity to buy local and prepare meals together.

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Finally, staying in a barndo allows you to immerse yourself in the local culture as you’ll be staying in a traditional English building, surrounded by the beauty of the Cotswolds.

Our Cotswolds Barndo Picks

Thanks to the surging popularity of barndos in the Cotswolds, there are many rental options from owner direct to websites dedicated to this accommodation category.

There are small, large, and very large barndos to choose from and there are many with unique features, including hot tubs, a heated outdoor swimming pool, delightful gardens, tennis courts, acres of lush countryside on the doorstep and more.

Inside you can expect to find a fully functional home from home with full kitchens, modern appliances, comfy beds and high end amenities.

Here are our suggested first ports of call.

Bolthole Retreats (

An independent agency for Cotswold holiday rental properties, they work closely with owners and housekeepers to ensure guests have an authentic Cotswold experience and pride themselves on their local knowledge.

House Party Solutions (

A luxury holiday rental agency, the team inspects luxurious properties, building lasting relationships with their owners. They pride themselves on creating a perfect stay for their customers, with a choice of added service or privacy.

Luxury Cotswold Rentals (

Luxury Cotswold Rentals handpicks the best holiday cottages and private country houses and offers a unique Concierge service for a perfect stay in a special place.

Power Booking Tips

If you are interested in booking a barndo in the Cotswolds, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Advance booking is strongly recommended. These places are popular and properties fill up quickly. Second, consider the location. If you’re driving, then this isn’t such a big deal, but if not, there are plenty of taxi and executive car hire places for you to use (pre-booking also advisable).

If you intend to drive, don’t forget, they drive on the left in England and you’ll need an international driving license!

Keep in mind the size of your traveling party and make sure the barndo you choose has enough space to accommodate everyone comfortably.

Things To Do

During a stay in a barndo in the Cotswolds, you’ll find many activities to do with countryside walks a top attraction in this area. For history enthusiasts, the region is dotted with a wealth of historical sites offering intriguing insights into the past.

The Cotswolds is renowned for its picturesque towns, bustling marketplaces, and idyllic villages. These spots provide a multitude of opportunities for shopping, dining, and sightseeing, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the local culture.

Staying in a barndo in the Cotswolds promises a unique and unforgettable experience. You’ll find yourself enveloped by the stunning beauty of the English countryside, while simultaneously enjoying the rustic charm of a converted barn paired with luxurious amenities.

Offering an abundance of options, choosing a barndo as your accommodation allows for privacy within a self-contained space, enhancing your holiday experience. It’s an excellent option that enables you to make the most out of your Cotswold adventure.

We hope you enjoy your stay in the Cotswolds!

Key Takeaways

  • Staying in a barndo in the Cotswolds is a unique and luxurious experience.
  • Barndos offer rustic charm and spacious accommodations.
  • There are many barndos in the Cotswolds to choose from, each with their own unique features and amenities.
  • The Cotswolds offers plenty of activities and attractions, from hiking to sightseeing in quaint towns.
  • Book in advance and consider the location and amenities of your chosen barndo.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a barndo?

A: A barndo is a barn conversion that has been renovated into a vacation rental. There are many barndos in the Cotswolds.

Q: What are the benefits of staying in a barndo in the Cotswolds?

A: Staying in a barndo in the Cotswolds offers rustic charm, spacious accommodations, and immersion in the local culture.

Q: What should I consider when booking a barndo in the Cotswolds?

A: When booking a barndo in the Cotswolds, consider the location, amenities, and size of your traveling party.

Q: What Is There To Do In The Cotswolds?

A: There are many popular activities in the Cotswolds including hiking, visiting historic sites, and exploring quaint towns and villages. Many food, drink, music, art, and literature festivals take place around the year too.

Enchantment Awaits
Enchantment Awaits

The Cotswolds region is home to many charming villages and towns, churches, historic landmarks, outdoor activities, in a beautiful part of England. After visiting the region many times, we created the TravelCotswolds website dedicated to helping others plan their own trips to the Cotswolds.

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