Hampnett: A Cotswolds Village In Steeped In History (2023)

Tucked away in the heart of the Cotswolds (a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in 1966), Hampnett is a small and charming hamlet that’s known for its historic church, traditional stone houses, and beautiful gardens.

Although small, Hampnett has a big history with various Bronze Age barrows, Neolithic long barrows, and Roman relics dotted around.

St George’s Church is a small Norman church dating from 1125AD and the south porch and west tower were added in the 15th century.

In 1868, the reverend used russet-coloured art to cover much of the chancel and this caused a brouhaha with the locals who tried and failed to raise funds to get it removed.

The golden-toned Cotswold cottages dotting the ridgeline offer stunning views across hills and drystone walls and the countryside here is typical of the Cotswolds.

The village boasts the grand and attractive Old Manor House, originally constructed as a farmhouse in 1879 for the manor’s farm bailiff and now offers bed and breakfast.

A tree in the Cotswolds

Heathrow Airport to Hampnett takes approximately 1 hour 40 minutes by car.

The Cotswolds is a region that’s renowned for its beautiful landscapes and charming villages, but it’s also home to a wealth of religious history and heritage. From the historic chapels to the medieval architecture the Cotswolds is a region that’s full of beautiful and interesting buildings.

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