Ebrington: A Hidden Gem in the Cotswolds (2023)


Affectionately known as Yubberton to locals, Ebrington is an ancient Cotswold village with winding lanes and picturesque streets lined with thatched cottages dating back to the 14th century. The village offers visitors a delightful mix of history and quaint charm.

There are so many historical churches with unique characteristics in the Cotswolds.
There are so many historical churches with unique characteristics in the Cotswolds.

The Cotswolds are home to several historic churches and religious sites, including the stunning Gloucester Cathedral and the ancient Tewkesbury Abbey. These buildings are architectural marvels, with intricate stonework and soaring ceilings that showcase the region’s rich cultural heritage, and Ebrington’s St Eadburgha church is well worth a visit.

St Eadburgha is predominantly Perpendicular with some Norman remnants and the 17th century canopied pulpit and medieval stained glass windows are notable features.

On the left (north) side of the church stands a magnificent tomb to Sir John Fortescue, Lord Chief Justice to Henry VI and author of numerous treatises on law. A painted effigy of this late medieval lord rests atop an intricately carved tomb chest beneath an ornate wall monument.

On the opposite side of Fortescue tomb stands an imposing altar tomb to Sir William Keyte, Lord of Ebrington, for many years and also buried here. Carved with heraldic symbols and a long Latin text set between classical columns, this magnificent structure stands proudly today.

It is worth visiting the tomb of Saint Eadburgha, a Saxon princess who became an abbess and stored her relics at Pershore Abbey after her death. Her tomb serves as an impressive example of a Saxon reliquary and serves as an impressive memorial to her memory.

Most Cotswolds villages have a pub and Ebrington is no different. The Ebrington Arms is a 17th century pub, a fireplace and cosiness complete with five beautiful rooms with (important) big beds. You can stay here and go on plenty of countryside walks in the surrounding area.

Heathrow Airport to Ebrington takes approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes.

If you are driving, look at our 5 day Cotswolds road trip itinerary. This is a comprehensive guide covering places to visit, where to stay, and practical tips.

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